About Agon Capital Partners

Agon Capital Partners engages with visionary businessmen who see their enterprises as flexible and innovative as the resources that build and grow them. For years now, we have worked with several companies that trust us with mergers and acquisitions, sale and divestiture, and valuation services, through our network of seasoned investment professionals.

Since it’s founding, we have broadened our network of strategic buyers, merger candidates and financial resources, having concluded several engagements that made us one of the most active global investment firms. Agon Capital Partners dynamically tracks investment trends and business valuations across a range of industries, as well as global strategic prospects for sustained growth.

Agon Capital Partners delivers optimum results by providing top-level focus in administering and implementing all aspects of your transactions. Through our strong business network, we provide international access to strategic buyers, merger candidates and financial resources.

At Agon Capital Partners, our team approach ensures our results-oriented focus on every engagement, leveraging our in-depth business knowledge and investing skills that best serve your interest. You gain access to our extensive network that is also global, comprising of thousands of financial and strategic buyers, equity and mezzanine funds, financial institutions, and asset based lenders. We have created a superior database of active buyers and investors that have either engaged or contacted Agon Capital Partners for acquisition opportunities of growing businesses.

We serve as your business partner, combining our multidisciplinary skills and broad experience in intricate engagements, working closely with clients to produce increased earnings, create liquidity and expand market share. Our team comprises of investment experts with broad expertise in transactions, allowing us to function as a business partner in intricate engagements with a reliable team of seasoned investment professionals that identify and address various challenges.

Agon Capital Partners utilizes every resource essential to produce targeted results for clients. Agon Capital Partners values businesses and business interests, and so when clients need to identify the value of their business interests or assets, they trust us to provide an independent assessment and expert evaluation of issues. Our business is top-of-mind because what we offer is a combination of transaction and business expertise, our market focus and international network and resources.

Companies from a wide array of growth industries turn to us for innovative and customized solutions in the capital markets, relying on our outstanding depth of knowledge and global networks. Our various teams have strong, practical experience and a solid track record, having unique capabilities to provide companies with insightful advice on the various complex processes, from issuing IPOs to productively acquiring targeted businesses.

Agon Capital Partners provides strategic investment and financial services involving thorough analysis of client’s overall objectives, financial position and competitive situation, services designed to match the growing needs of clients.